toppage「いとな」とは/about itona「いとな」な女子たち/writers of itona購入について/about purchaseお知らせ/informationリンク/linksお問い合わせ/inquiry

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about itona



何気ないある日の食事、家族や友人たちとのひととき、感動した出来事や風景、がんばっている仕事、ステキな人との出会い、地元で引き継がれている不思議な慣習、おすすめのお店や商品、大切な場所…などなど、自分たちが心から 好き♪ と思える、ひと、もの、ことを、主観的に 紹介します。


自分の住んでいる富山県が、幸福度の高い県だと言われると、嬉しいものですが、客観的な統計データから導きだされた調査結果には、おいしい とか、ほっこり とかは、ありません。それに、富山らしい幸せや豊かさは、生活のなかにしっかり染み込んでいるので、多くの富山県民にとっては、当たり前で他愛のないことに思えてしまいます。




itona is a small informational magazine that is written by ladies that are in their twenties to fifties, who love the customs and lifestyles in Toyama.

Toyama Prefecture has a lot to be proud of that can attract people in the world. However, the general sightseeing information for visitors can be gotten easily from publications made by the local governments or big companies. So, our aim is to focus on citizens’ normal life.

"itona "will introduce subjectively about things, people or matters that we really enjoy and love;  such as normal daily meals, a moment with family and friends, impressive events or sceneries, dedicating work, memorable meeting with a nice person, curious customs that have been passed down, recommended stores, goods, and important places.

Toyama Prefecture won 2nd place of “Happiness ranking.” It was a hot topic last year!

Although it makes us happy to hear that Toyama has good reputation, the objective statistic data does not show “delicious (Oishii)” or “heart-warming (Hokkori)” aspects. Since the real happiness and affluence are too ingrained in daily life to realize its value. People living in Toyama think of them just as mindless matters.

However, we realized that simple everyday matters do have local strong power and they own the real love & beauty of Toyama.

May we convey the unknown affluent life of Toyama, introduced by ladies who enjoy and love the fruits of Toyama each in their own way.

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